CentOS 7 Virtual Router using FirewallD

I’ve found there’s a lot of how and what on this question on the web so I thought I would made a nice quick and simple tutorial

Ok say that eth0 is your external port and eth1 is your private

Configure your IP on each interface

Install firewalld
yum install firewalld

Assign your interfaces to the zones
firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=internal –add-interface=eth1
firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-interface=eth0

Activate port forwarding
sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
echo “net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1” >> /etc/sysctl.d/ip_forward.conf

Command traffic from your eth1’s range to go through eth0
firewall-cmd –permanent –direct –passthrough ipv4 -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE -s

Allow DNS through
firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=internal –add-service=dns

Reload firewalld
firewall-cmd –reload

All done!

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More tweaking in FSX

Well time to make some more tweaks and get more out of FSX,

First up bufferpools! these are a pain in the back side! If they’re not set right, bye bye frame rate and crash goes fsx! After playing with these today I managed to make FSX run a lot smoother and graphics getting that more crisp 🙂 My changes I made we’re


Next was disabling default pre-loading, in short you don’t need it it’s a waste of time!


And finally this will adjust the CPU to GPU time shared amoungst object generation, one to really play around with, currently I have it as below but going to try hitting 0.75 and see the difference


This also goes under main, there’s so much documentation on these out there that can really make a difference so please Google! NEVER copy someone else’s FSX.cfg of their pc, you want it to be tailored to your own kit. Otherwise you won’t make the sim as efficient as it could be!

As can be see below the quality is certainly getting there!

Luton-2-Manchester-009 Luton-2-Manchester-008 Luton-2-Manchester-007 Luton-2-Manchester-006 Luton-2-Manchester-005 Luton-2-Manchester-004 Luton-2-Manchester-003 Luton-2-Manchester-002 Luton-2-Manchester-001 Luton-2-Manchester-016 Luton-2-Manchester-015 Luton-2-Manchester-014 Luton-2-Manchester-013 Luton-2-Manchester-012 Luton-2-Manchester-011 Luton-2-Manchester-010

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Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff

For my birthday my wife took pointed the direction and I drove. No clue where we we’re going and ended up in Cardiff where i did not actually realise the venue existed, well done to my wife for that! What can I say really if you have not been and want a great day out then by all means go! it’s worth the money, *SPOILER* a head up though there is an Angel  walk through area which if your children get a little scared, they may do so here. Other than that everything else is fine. Onto the next part where you will be able to see the costumes close up and some of the models, objects etc from the shows, Took quite a few photos which you can see below, though I do wish they adjusted the lighting in there as it really did not help with the pics, finally you’ll get to the shop which again, well done to the BBC for not trying to screw their clients over with ridiculous pricing like the Warner Brothers Studio Tour attempt to do for the Harry Potter franchise.
P1010237 P1010311 P1010310 P1010309 P1010308 P1010307 P1010306 P1010305 P1010302 P1010300 P1010299 P1010298 P1010297 P1010296 P1010295 P1010294 P1010293 P1010292 P1010291 P1010290 P1010289 P1010288 P1010286 P1010285 P1010284 P1010283 P1010282 P1010281 P1010280 P1010278 P1010277 P1010276 P1010275 P1010272 P1010268 P1010267 P1010262 P1010261 P1010260 P1010259 P1010258 P1010257 P1010256 P1010255 P1010254 P1010253 P1010252 P1010251 P1010250 P1010249 P1010248 P1010247 P1010246 P1010245 P1010244 P1010243 P1010242 P1010241 P1010240 P1010239 P1010238

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